“Creating something from nothing
is the most satisfying thing we can do.
I find that the creative process is an inspiring and amazing journey!”

Alex Pietersen is a native of Holland. It was there that he began his career as a journalistic photographer. After becoming dissatisfied with photo realism, Alex settled on black and white abstracts which emphasized line and texture rather than complete views.

In 1974 Alex immigrated to the United States where he continued to work in black and white. It was not until late 1978 that he became interested in color photography. While experimenting in his studio, Alex discovered a method by which he could create startling color images with a three-dimensional appearance. He has been developing new ways to manipulate and control the technique ever since. It is important to know that Alex creates his images with only a 35 mm Nikon F3 Camera in one approximately 1/2 second exposure.

In 1997 Alex was invited by The Smithsonian Institution to be part of “The Colors of Invention” at the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation.

Also four of Alex’s images were used on the sets of “Robocop” and “Robocop 2”

In recent years Alex has renewed his interest in black and white photography. The results are compelling images, which display Alex’s obvious love of nature.

Alex resides in Lake Wylie, SC




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